heroes for all times group photo

Students in Miss Benchley's third grade class took part in an integrated Social Studies and ELA unit entitled "Heroes For All Times." As a class, they read multiple focal texts on a variety of individuals who fought for causes and change around the globe. They learned about heroes in the areas of education, rights for the disabled, arts and entertainment, human and civil rights, sports, and environmental causes. They identified character traits of each activist and compared and contrasted them and their "fights" for their particular causes. They created multiple displays, outside and inside the classroom, showcasing their learning.

Each student was then asked to choose an individual that they wanted to learned more about. They read multiple books and articles and learned how to research using multiple sources. They practiced taking notes, using the writing process and learned all about text features. In class, each student created a display board showcasing the life and accomplishments of their individual. Their displays included: a written biography with text features, a photo gallery with captions, a timeline, meaningful quotes and ways we can continue to honor the work of each individual in our lives today. They also painted and designed background for their displays.

As a final project the class prepare a living museum exhibition for their classmates and families. At home, they created a costume and gather artifacts related to their individual to add to their exhibits. The morning of the living museum each student presented an oral presentation in the first person and shared their work with their peers and teachers. That afternoon the museum was open to visitors. During the museum visitors were able to interact, ask questions and learn more about these heroes for all times. We love this hands-on approach to history!

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