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  •  Hello! 

    We are so excited to welcome your child to the Wheelock Early Childhood Center, the home of our Kindergarten and Universal Pre-Kindergarten classrooms! Despite the tumultuous 20-21 school year due to COVID-19, we are excited to again be coming back to school full-time this September for both full-day Kindergarten and UPK.

    The Kindergarten and UPK classes will run from 8:45 am – 3:00 pm. There will continue to be busing provided for students, for both pick-up and drop-off, but parents are also encouraged to provide transportation for their child, if possible.

    Your child will be invited in, with a parent or caregiver, to meet the teacher and familiarize him or herself with the classroom during the week of September 8 – 10. Please call the Wheelock office, at (716) 679-1581, ex 2800, to schedule a time for your visit.

    There will be a staggered start for all UPK and Kindergarten students from September 13 – 17th. Your child will attend one of these selected days to learn the classroom routines and spend 1-1 time with the teacher and classroom aide. Our Kindergarten students will also go through our Kindergarten academic screening. All UPK and Kindergarten students will start school 5 days/week on Monday, September 20th.

    I look forward to meeting you this fall and getting to know all of the new students throughout the school year.  The Wheelock Early Childhood Center Faculty and Staff look forward to another extraordinary school year filled with fun, age appropriate academics while also building the social skills of all students!


    Amy Piper

    Wheelock Early Childhood Center Principal

    716-679-1581, ex 2800


  • Wheelock Early Childhood Center Contacts
    Mrs. Sylvia Rowe
    School Secretary
    (716)679-1581, ex 2800
    Mrs. Leisa Hellwig
    School Nurse
    (716) 679-1581, ex 2802
    Mrs. Judith Przybyla
    School Counselor
    (716) 679-1581, ex 2805
    Ms. Amy Piper
    Building Principal
    (716) 679-1581, ex 2801
  • " Students from Mrs. Rush and Mrs. Padua's class thoroughly enjoyed our Global School Day of Play!"

    Both Mr. Rameriz's work with our students on some Tae Kwon Do techniques.

    Global School Dao of Play!

    Global School Dao of Play!

    Global School Dao of Play!                                                               

    Wheelock staff celebrates 2-22-22 with a Tutu day!                 

    Happy Halloween from the Wheelock faculty and staff!


    Wheelock UPK students enjoy their new outdoor classroom space, as well as some time on the Football Field

    Wheelock Early Childhood Center Staff 2021-22

    Wheelock Early Childhood Center UPK staff 2021-22

    Wheelock Early Childhood Center Kindergarten Team 2021-22

    water day with Mrs. LaBarr and Mrs. Krzal in UPK


    Mrs. Hartungs Music Class




    The Lorax!

  • UPK celebrates Dr. Seuss week!

    Mrs. Maternowski's Kindergarten classroom celebrates Dr. Seuss week

    Wacky Wednesday and Happy Birthday100 days of school with Mrs. Snyder's UPK classes

  • Mrs. Foley's am UPK class celebrates Dr. Seuss week by wearing 'Green Eggs and Ham' themed clothing today

  • Kids working in the snow

  • Mrs. Foley enjoys a walk in the rain with her UPK friends

    Mrs. Leisa Hellwig, RN, School Nurs, Mrs. Snyder, UPK teacher, models her mask with her student, Madison

    Mrs. Guiffreda's Kindergarten students are happy to be at school!

    Mrs. Rush and Mrs. Padua's class are working hard to learn kindergarten skills

    Our Wheelock Friends are enjoying their time creating and playing

    Mr. Putney loves to Zoom, Mrs. Pleva and Mrs. Putney are so happy to be back