Student Support Services: Guidance and Counseling

  • The guidance program of Fredonia High school serves to help students in their educational, vocational, social and emotional development. It provides a continuous, planned program of activities, instructional presentations, individual counseling sessions, and group counseling sessions designed to meet the developmental needs of each student.

    The Guidance Department includes a Career Center which students are encouraged to use for career exploration. It houses materials on careers, post high school educational opportunities, financial aid and scholarships, information on the armed forces, and information on the development of resumes and job-seeking skills. Also available in the Career Center is a computerized guidance information program that students can utilize. Students may use the Career Center during free periods, lunch, after school, or during vacation.

    The counselors work cooperatively with the student, teachers, and parents to provide the optimal educational program for each student and to provide guidance in the development of the student's future goals. Conferences are encouraged whenever a concern needs to be addressed. Every student meets with his/her counselor individually during the scheduling conference in the spring to assess the current year's work, to develop the following year's selection of courses, and to discuss future plans. 

HS Guidance Contacts

  • Mrs. Gina Davis
    High School Counselor A - L (Grades 11-12) A - K (Grade 9-10)

    Mr. Steven Romans
    High School Counselor M - Z (Grades 11-12) L - Z (Grade 9-10)

    Kat Beyer, LMSW
    District School Social Worker
    ext. 2759

    Mrs. Sandy Forbes
    Guidance Secretary

    Mr.Steven Verstraete
    School Psychologist