• Effective use of information technology is an important contributing factor to a person's success in our increasingly complex and information-rich society. Information technology includes the many capabilities of computers and technologies such as networks and telecommunications. Interaction with these technological tools enables people to acquire, process, manage, interpret, and communicate information for both business and personal productivity.

    The role of the school is to provide opportunities for students to learn about current information technology and how to use it as a tool to support the learning and sharing of information. This is accomplished by integrating the instruction of specific computer skills and associated technologies into existing curricular areas and offer courses that are technology specific by interspersing them at appropriate times in a student's school career. 

    Technology becomes a tool that helps students achieve the New York Learning Standards in all areas through activities with meaningful purposes.

Technology Contacts

  • Mr. Doug Prince
    Director of Technology and Communication

    Mr. Doug Rector
    Personal Computer Specialist