School Closing Information

  • In the event school needs to be closed or canceled, the following radio/television stations will be notified immediately:

    Dunkirk - WBKX/WDOE
    Buffalo - WBEN-AM/Q102/WKSE-FM
    Buffalo - WNED-AM
    Buffalo - WEDG/WGRF/WHTT/CFLZ101
    Jamestown - SE93/WHUG/WKSN/WQFX/WJTN
    Jamestown - 106.9 KISS-FM
    Buffalo - WKBW TV 7
    Buffalo - WGRZ TV 2
    Buffalo - WIVB TV 4

    In addition, the newly implemented SchoolMessenger broadcasting system will be activated. This system automatically calls all parents of students within the district, as well as staff members, notifying them of the closing/cancellation. The SchoolMessenger system will not only be used in the case of closing/cancellations, but also whenever there is an important announcement from the District and/or Administration. 

    ***Please notify the school if your phone number has recently changed. If you do not get our SchoolMessenger broadcasts, it may be because we do not have your latest contact information.***