Administration of Medication

  • The school’s nurse may administer medication to a student during the school day under certain conditions. For the purpose of this policy, the term "medication" includes both prescription and non-prescription medications. The school must receive the following before medication will be administered to a student:

    a. The original written order from the student's physician stating the name of the medication, precise dosage, frequency, and time of administration;

    b. A written, signed consent from the student's parent or legal guardian requesting the administration of the medication, as prescribed by the physician, to the student in school; and

    c. The medication, properly labeled in its original container, must be delivered to the school health office by the student's parent or legal guardian. (The term "properly labeled," in the context of this policy, means that the container must include the following information: the student's name, name of medication, dosage, frequency, and prescribing physician. A student is not permitted to carry any medication on his/her person in school, or on the school bus, or keep any medication in his/her school locker(s). Exceptions may apply for a student’s asthma inhaler or Epipen and certain other medications, which a student may carry and use under certain conditions. NOTE: See below.


    Medication: Self-Carry and Self-Administer

    A recent New York State law allows students with respiratory (breathing) conditions, allergies, and/or diabetes the right to independently carry and use their inhaled respiratory rescue medications; epinephrine auto-injectors; and insulin, glucagon, and related diabetes supplies if the following is provided to the school:

    a. written permission from the parent/guardian

    b. a written provider order with an attestation stating both the diagnosis, and that the student has demonstrated they can effectively administer the medication(s)

    c. School nursing assessment that student is self-directed to carry and self-administer her/his medication properly

    d. The medication must be labeled by the school nurse


    Independent carry and use of medications means that your child will take their own medicine without any help.  The school will not know if your child takes their medicine. If you want your child to independently  carry and use a medication listed above during the school day or at school sponsored events, you will need to ask their health care provider to put in writing (attest), that they have watched your child use the medication correctly.  We may ask you to have your provider write another order with the required information if it not on the medication order you bring to school. 


    After review by our medical director, students with other health conditions who need medications quickly during the school day or at school sponsored events may also be given permission to independently carry and use their medications if they provide the same written notes. 


    Please note that if any student is self-administering medication without proper authorization, he or she is in violation of school safety rules as outlined in the student handbook. The student will be counseled by the school nurse, in addition the parents and administration will be notified.


    Medication on Field Trip, Extended Day Field Trip or Overnight Field Trips  

    Only essential medical prescriptions or life-saving medications should be sent on field trips. We ask that parents limit sending “as needed” over-the-counter medications.


    If your student is not approved to Self-Carry and Self-Administer by their physician they are considered to be in need of supervision. School staff members may only assist “supervised” students in taking prescription or non-prescription medications. NYS Health Law does not allow the school staff member to administer the   medication to the student only to assist them. The student must see the nurse after the medication orders have been received but before the trip to understand the following about each of their medications. They must recognize the medication, know how much they take, how to take it, what time to take it, why they take it, what will happen if they don’t take it and when to refuse their medication appropriately. All field trip medications must comply with regulations listed above. All medications will be held by a staff member, unless you have completed the requirements under the Self-Carry and Self-Administer section above.


    A staff member must always carry certain “controlled” medications.  Please submit required orders and permission forms to the Health Office well in advance of field trips.


    If your student has a current medication order on file for the present school year. A new order is not required.


    Medication – other


    All medications are to be delivered to the school nurse by an adult. Please do not send any medication to school with the student.


    All medication must be picked up by the last day of the school year by a responsible adult. All remaining medication will be destroyed.


    All medication orders expire on the last day of the school year a new order is required for the next school year.