Meet Mr. Paschke

  • I am honored and very proud to be leading the talented and caring staff of Fredonia High School. As an alumnus of Fredonia High School, I was tremendously excited to earn a high school mathematics teaching position here in 1992. After 24 years in the math department, I was privileged, once again, to be named the high school principal in 2016.

    Our success at Fredonia is based on “we.” Working together toward any goal fosters a feeling of ownership and pride. Our staff, students, parents, and community function incredibly well as a team to serve up the best possible educational experience for all stakeholders. We invite all of our community members, especially our students, to be involved and partake in a balance of rich activities and the fulfilling, quality instruction provided here.

    We work tirelessly to create a culture of pride and respect that is academically oriented and promotes excellence. It is only through this work that we do, together, that we aid in developing students with strong character that are ready to flourish as productive global citizens.

Mr. Darren Paschke