• Elementary Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up Procedure

    The Fredonia Elementary School has established student drop-off and pick-up procedures for the upcoming school year.  School security and your child's safety are priorities for us, and it is important that each and every student is supervised and accounted for during the busy drop-off and pick-up times.  The following procedures are designed to adequately address these safety concerns: 
    8:30 am Student Drop-Off Students will not be permitted in the school building prior to 8:30 am.  All school doors will remain locked until this time. Please do not drop your child off at the school prior to 8:30 am, as there will not be adult supervision until 8:30 am. Please note that students in Kindergarten and Grade 1 must be brought into the front entrance of the school.  The morning drop-off point for Grade 2, Grade 3 and Grade 4 students will be at the end of the elementary school bus-loop, at the crosswalk, but within the elementary school parking lot.  There will be a custodian there to help guide traffic and get students across the loop.   Students should not be dropped at the high school bus loop.  Please remember the 15 mph speed limit and to use turning signals when appropriate.
    2:00 pm Deadline for Notification of Student Pick-Up and Bus Changes - The school office must be notified of all dismissal time bus changes and student pick-up changes by 2:00 pm.  This will give the office staff time to notify your child's teacher of any end of the day changes.  Of course, we recognize that emergency situations occur and we will certainly accommodate you in any emergency.
    3:20 pm Dismissal Student Pick-Up - Because there is a large amount of traffic in the school building during our dismissal time, it is extremely important that we take extra care to monitor the comings and goings of students and visitors.  Therefore, parents picking up their children from school will be asked to park in the high school parking lot, remain outside the school building until the 3:20 pm dismissal time, and then enter the school by the door through the high school entrance.  This is the first parking lot you encounter (on the left) after entering the main campus, and turning left towards the high school.  Please watch for the signs to indicate where to go.  From there, you will be asked to enter the high school foyer and sign out your child.  Parents will not be allowed anywhere else in the building during this dismissal time.
    Finally, only parents and designated guardians will be permitted to sign-out their children.  If you have an older high school sibling or a babysitter picking up your child, please send a note informing the school of this situation. 
    Thank you for your cooperation as we implement these safeguards!  Please contact the elementary office at 679-1581, ext. 2740, if you have any questions or concerns.