• Remote Learning Addendum to the Student Code of Conduct 2020 - 2021

    Even when in a Remote Learning environment, students should adhere to the adopted policies found in our current Student Handbook. The following additions to the Student Handbook address particular items in the Remote Learning environment.

    General Expectations for the Remote Learning Environment:

    • All students will have the necessary technology to effectively and regularly communicate, receive instruction, interact with class, and comply with work requirements.
    • Fredonia will continue to track student attendance. This may be done in various ways, such as through attendance in live streamed classes, accessing a learning platform (Google Classroom), or interaction with class postings or requirements (watching a short clip or video). In addition, compliance with all required assignments and assessments will be used to monitor student attendance.
    • Students must comply with all work requirements in a timely fashion (meeting deadlines) and should reach out to the teacher when they are experiencing any difficulty with the material or with meeting the set timelines. Work requirements and communication information will be found in the teacher's course syllabus.
    • Normal classroom procedures for grading are in effect in a remote learning environment.

    Students will be graded using standard grading practices, one in which there will be no safety net grade of *65 at the end of a grading period.

    Live Stream Education Sessions (Zoom)

    Video conferencing and live streamed class sessions are essential components of the learning process and help to improve the effectiveness of remote teaching and remote learning. As with the use of social media, students are required to adhere to school policies pertaining to these areas in our Student Handbook, and to observe the following regarding the Remote Learning environment:

    • Students must be punctual to any live streamed session scheduled by the teacher.

    Teachers will be monitoring attendance and students may be receiving class participation grades.

    • Ensure your technology works properly, is charged, and that the camera is directed at you when necessary.
    • Proper online manners are vital to a productive and supportive online learning environment. Students are to behave in the live online session as expected by the teacher and as if they were in a regular in-person environment, especially because the session may be recorded. The following Netiquette guidelines apply to all online communications:
    • Dress appropriately by adhering to the adopted Fredonia High School dress code.
    • Be mindful of inappropriate surroundings or potential interruptions to the session.
    • Sessions are intended for the learners in the particular class. Do your best to not include individuals who are not part of the class.
    • Be polite, respectful, and toleralant of views expressed by others.
    • Remember that this learning environment is not anonymous - others will be reading your messages and watching your screen.
    • When reacting to someone else's message, address their ideas, not the person.
    • Avoid using unnecessary sarcasm and unnecessary humor, and do not include obscenities in work or messages. Without face-to-face communication, people may take your humor personally, and you never know who may be offended by expressions that are absent of any emotion.
    • Word your communication carefully.
    • Always assume your electronic work will be forwarded. Do not write anything that you do not want broadcast to your class.
    • A recorded session within the domain of the school's system is considered property of the school, and should be treated accordingly.