Using the Parent Portal

  • We are pleased to introduce you to the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Parents and guardians can have one login to access all of their student's grades and attendance in one place. Parents and guardians will not have to share logins as each parent or guardian can set up his or her own unique login and password. Please follow the directions below to get started using the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

    1. Go to the "PowerSchool Parent Portal" log in page.

    2. Click the Create Account tab and then click the Create Account button.

    3. Fill in the requested information. Please take note of the password requirements listed.

    Parent Account Details

    First Name - Enter your first name.

    Last Name - Enter your last name

    Email - Enter your email address. This will be used for student notifications and correspondence related to your parent account including retrieving a forgotten username or password.

    Desired Username - Enter username.

    Password - Enter a password. The password must be at least six (6) characters long and is case sensitive.

    Re-enter Password - Re-enter the password.


    Link Student(s) to Account - you must link your account to at least one student.

    Student Name - Enter the name of the student you wish to link to.

    Access ID - Enter the Access ID.

    Access Password - Enter the Access Password.

    Relationship - Select your relationship to the student.

    You can link to additional students from this screen, but will need the Access ID and Access Password for each student. 

    4. Once you have entered the required information click Enter. You should then be taken back to the log in screen and can now log in using your new username and password.

    5. In the Parent Portal you can manage your account by clicking the Account Preferences button. If you have linked to more than one student, you will see buttons on the upper left to switch between your students. 

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.