Creed for Competitors

  • PLAY HARD - After the contest is over, you can say, “I gave everything I’ve got physically. I fought my heart out.”

    PLAY SMART - Keep your poise. Be intent. Stay focused. Concentrate only on the game.

    PLAY FAIR- Fight clean. Obey both the letter and the spirit of the rules. No hedging, no cheating.

    PLAY TO WIN - Never concede. Never quit. Never give up or give in. Maintain your self-respect, and respect your opponents by giving an all-out effort.

    HAVE FUN - Don’t shrink from the fear of defeat or let the bitter taste of defeat destroy your love of the game.

    KEEP PERSPECTIVE - When the game is on, it is important that you win. After it is over, it makes no ethical difference whether you won or lost. Self-worth is not predicated on the vagaries of victory or defeat. What does matter most is that you love the challenge of the game, savor the camaraderie of your teammates, and earn the respect of your opponents; namely, that you have been true to your best self.