• Athletes are expected to use transportation provided by the school “to” and “from” all athletic contests. Student-athletes are expected to arrive for bus departures on time and may not drive to the site. If a student does not make the bus and arrives at the site without administrative approval in advance, the athlete should not expect to participate. In special cases, a parent may need permission to transport their child from a game site on a given date. In such cases, the request must be made to the coach in advance of the contest and approved by the High School Principal. These shall be considered only as the “rare exception” and should be reserved for emergency situations. Athletes at away contests are expected to remain “on site” and under the direct supervision of the coach at all times. All students will be expected to conduct themselves appropriately when traveling with the team. Parents should not expect to take their athlete home from the game site unless without signing out with the coaching staff.Under no circumstances will a parent be allowed to take any other child home, but their own. Nor will a child be permitted to leave an away site with anyone other than his or her parent. Failing to comply with our transportation and supervision policies at away contests may jeopardize an athlete’s team eligibility. Parents are expected to pick up athletes in a timely fashion after home games, or when the athlete returns from an away contest. Athletes should check with the coach for the estimated time of pick up.

    Transportation to Post-Season Contests

    Any athlete participating in a Regional, Intersectional, or State Championship Event must travel to the event on the transportation provided by Section 6 or the Fredonia Central School District. Parents cannot transport their child to any post-season contest at the regional level or beyond.