End of the Year Awards

  • 3 Sport Athlete Award: Plaques will be given to those athletes who lettered in one sport each season at the Varsity level.  Certificates will be given to 3-sport athletes who lettered at the JV or Modified Level.

    Roger K. Moore Award:  Given to the Outstanding Senior Male Athlete as picked by the Fredonia Central School Varsity Coaches. Award Criteria: Senior male athlete demonstrates Leadership, dedication to the team, willing to give 110%, and at least two varsity letters. The recipient receives a plaque.

    David “Mick” Dunning Award: Given to the Outstanding Senior Female Athlete as picked by the Fredonia Central School varsity coaches.  Award Criteria: Senior female athlete demonstrates leadership, dedication to the team, willing to give 110% and at least two varsity letters.  Recipient receives a plaque.

    Thomas M. Heary Student Athlete Award:  Given to a senior athlete who demonstrates leadership and academic success.  No participation requirement is required.  The Athletic Director, Principal and Guidance Department pick the Thomas Heary Award winner.  The recipient receives a plaque.

    Gerald “Butch” Wallace Award:  Is given to a 3-sport athlete male or female and is picked by Alex Conti, Mark Wallace and Matt Wallace.  The recipient receives a plaque and check for $100.00.

    Tom “Boots” Ferrugia Memorial Award for Football:  This award is given to a football player who showed field agility and a love of the game.  The winner is chosen by the football coaches, the Shaw family and athletic director.  The recipient receives a plaque that is purchased by the Shaw family.

    Henry A. Draggett Athletic Scholarship:  This award is given to benefit two “Scholar Athlete” from the Fredonia Central School District.  The recipient must maintain satisfactory grades and attendance to apply for renewal during their 4-year undergraduate careers. The winners are chosen by the recommendation of the guidance and athletic departments.  This scholarship is established through the Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation.

    Brenda Michelle Day (Whitlock) Award:  Given to an outstanding senior female athlete and chosen by the athletic director.  The criteria for the award are as follows: senior female athlete demonstrates leadership, dedication, willing to give 100%, at least 2-varsity letters.  The award is a one-page biography of Brenda Day and a check.  This award is given at the senior awards night not athletic awards.

    Mark Steger Golf Award:  Criteria: Love of the Game.  The FHS golf coach chooses the winner of this award.  The recipient will receive a plaque.

    Eugene Snyder Memorial Award: is given to one baseball and one softball player who shows exceptional attitude and effort, financial need, average or above average academics, will continue their education, and have lettered in softball or baseball. 

    Friendly Birchwood Golf Memorial Scholarship:  This award of $250.00 is given to a senior male or female golfer with the highest academic rank and is attending college.  The scholarship is handled through the Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation.

    Bart Mohawk Memorial Baseball Scholarship:  Is a $250.00 award to a high school senior on the varsity baseball team who displays the following characteristics:

    • Charisma
    • Strong personal commitment to goals with an independent spirit
    • Dedication to family
    • Displays empathy and perseverance in life’s challenges
    • Played at least one year of baseball
    • Promotes good sportsmanship
    • Works hard at academics.

    Award winner is selected by the Baseball Coach and the family of Bart Mohawk

    Gary Nowak Scholarship: is a general neutral award given to a graduating FHS senior who is a varsity football player, in good scholastic standing (3.0 minimum GPA), sound character, demonstrates financial need, has been accepted and enrolled in a 2 or 4 year college.  The selection committee is comprised of FHS principal, athletic director, guidance representative, football coach, 1973 FHS unbeaten team representative. (Currently Rob Lancaster)

    WDOE Leadership Award:  This award is given to one member of each sport who demonstrates leadership for the team.  The varsity coach chooses award winners and WDOE/Dan Palmer gives them a plaque.

    Phil Witkowski Sportsmanship for Hockey:  The criterion for the award is sportsmanship, and the Dunkirk-Fredonia Hockey coaches choose the recipient.  The winner will receive a plaque.

    Danielle Bernard Girls Soccer Award:  the criterion for the award is: “Love of the Game” and the recipient is chosen by the varsity girls soccer coach, and receives a plaque.

    Fredonia All Sports Booster Club Award:  This award was created to assist Fredonia High School senior athletes further their education.  Qualifications for consideration include the following:

    • The student must be attending a 2 or 4-year college or institution
    • The student must have exhibited good sportsmanship
    • The student must have maintained an acceptable scholastic average
    • The student must have been associated with athletics for at least 2 years.

    Students must submit an essay explaining what part athletics played in their experience a Fredonia High School.  Parent(s) must be members of the Booster Club.