Student Athlete Possessions

  • All athletes are provided with a locker for their personal use located in the physical education locker room or team room facility. Since this area is used by numerous students throughout the course of an afternoon and teams dismiss their athletes at varying times, it is impossible to make certain that the locker room facility is secured at all times. Therefore, it is essential that each athlete purchases their own combination lock and assumes the responsibility for locking up and securing their books, clothing, and personal possessions prior to leaving the facility for practice and contests each day. The school district is not responsible for lost/stolen property.

    If the athlete leaves their personal belongings unlocked or out on the team bench in the locker room facility, they are inviting theft. Athletes are discouraged from bringing valuable personal items to school, where they will be left in the locker room facility. Excess cash, expensive jewelry and electronics should be left at home.

    Coaches will attempt to provide adequate supervision within the facility, but athletes are expected to do their part as well. More often than not, when personal belongings are taken, the athlete has not assumed his/her responsibility to secure them in an appropriate manner. Despite our best efforts at supervision, thefts sometimes occur.