Emergency Plan

  • Please be advised that the Fredonia School District has a comprehensive emergency medical plan in place, in the event of an accident or injury that occurs during practices or games. If the injury or illness requires a high level of care, the EMS system will be activated and emergency services called. If the athlete is injured in a practice or game on the home site and transported to a medical facility, a member of the coaching staff or school personnel will accompany the athlete in the ambulance, wherever possible, if a parent is unavailable. The coach shall notify the school nurse, and an accident report will be initiated within twenty-four (24) hours of the incident. When an emergency occurs at an away contest, and there is only one coach, the decision made must protect the interests of all the athletes involved. Therefore, it is critical that coaches have emergency contact numbers where a parent, family member, or designee can be reached during practices and contests in case a situation such as this arises. In these situations, contact will be made and a course of direction established to ensure appropriate treatment and care of the injured athlete.