Selection/Classification Program

  • The Fredonia Central School District will approve 7th and 8th grade participation on JV and varsity teams.

    The Selection Classification System is designed for the “exceptional” athlete. Few candidates will advance in this process. The following procedures must be followed in order to be considered.

    1. A recommendation must come from the coach of that sport. The coach may collaborate with the following in making his/her judgment:
    • The athlete’s middle school coach(s)
    • The athlete’s Physical Education Teacher
    • Guidance Counselor
    1. In order for a student to be recommended, they must be deemed athletically “exceptional” by the athlete’s middle school coach(s), physical education teacher(s) and the coach. An athletically “exceptional” student refers to the following:
    • The athlete has exceedingly superior skill; well above age level.
    • The athlete will not have anyone of comparable skill to participate with or against on the modified level.
    • Safety concerns (on the modified program level) due to the skill level, strength or size of the athlete.
    • The athlete will be a contributing member of the team.
    1. If an athlete is deemed “exceptional” they will be offered the Selection/Classification process at the discretion of the athletic director in conjunction with the Physical Education Staff.
    2. If the athlete is awarded the opportunity and passes the Selection/ Classification process, the athlete is eligible to tryout.
    3. The Athletic Director will submit a list of eligible student athletes to the coaches, Section 6 and the CCAA Athletic Directors.