Academic Expectations

  • The Board affirms its belief that a student’s academic progress is the primary reason for his attendance in school.  (Board Policy 4500)  Therefore, no student may participate in extracurricular activities or interscholastic athletics unless he/she is demonstrating satisfactory academic progress.  The Superintendent of Schools has established Administrative Regulations to implement monitor and enforce this policy which are set forth in Administration Regulation AR4500. 

    Students who are placed on the Ineligibility List may continue to participate in extracurricular activities and Interscholastic Athletics by meeting the following four criteria:

    • Obtaining academic assistance three times each week
    • Completing regularly assigned course work
    • Exhibiting appropriate school behavior
    • Completing a student “participation card” (Blue Card) and handing it in to the high school office by 3:00 pm Friday (or the last school day of the week)

    A completed card makes the student eligible for the following Monday through Sunday, including vacation time when appropriate.

    If a student athlete does not complete the Blue Card they attend but not participate in athletic practices or contests or extracurricular activities.