Sportsmanship and Fair Play

    • Visiting team members, students and adult spectators are guests, to be afforded all the courtesy and consideration that a friendly, well-mannered and well-intentioned host would normally give.
    • The officials are not the bad guys.  They are human like the rest of us.  They have been assigned to administer the rules of the sport based on their experience and integrity.  They make decisions every few seconds to the best of their ability.  Your personal feelings or loyalties to a particular athlete or team should not interfere with the spirit of fair play as the rules are applied by the officials
    • Spectators, student-athletes and coaches must recognize that their conduct plays an important role in establishing the reputation of their school and that their actions can relate directly to the success of their team.

    Spectator Expectations

    Singling out opposing players or coaches will not be permitted

    Noise Makers are not permitted

    No kicking or stomping of bleachers

    No profanity

    No spectators on the court, field, locker rooms, or team benches

    Be courteous of the spectators around you

    No throwing of objects, paper, etc.

    Students in grades K-6 must be supervised by an adult

    Cheer for your team, not against the visitors. Don’t get personal in your comments about players, coaches, or officials. No profanity, vulgarity, racist or sexist comments. Give players, coaches, and officials their space by keeping away from playing area and team benches.