Fredonia Code of Conduct

  • The opportunity to participate on a Fredonia School District team is a privilege afforded to our students by the Fredonia School District’s Board of Education. With every privilege comes an inherent responsibility. The following Code of Conduct was developed for athletes with the intent to provide every athlete, parent and coach a clear set of expectations and rules of behavior for a Fredonia athlete. The Fredonia School District is proud of the accomplishments of our athletes. Throughout the years, however, the district has taken greater pride in the character, behavior and citizenship of the boys and girls who have worn the Hillbilly uniform. Every athlete and parent should aspire to continue this tradition of excellence.

    Sportsmanship practices are of paramount importance and should be conducted at all times:

    • Self-control and respect for teammates, opposing athletes, officials and spectators at all times. Foul language, game “trash talking” and insulting remarks are not acceptable behavior. Respect the integrity, safety and dignity of others and their property.
    • Cooperation- Athletes and parents are expected to follow the rules and protocol of their sport and should not intentionally violate the integrity of the sport.
    • Follow the ideals of sportsmanship, ethical conduct and fair play.
    • Stress the values derived from playing a game fairly and to the best of ability.
    • Establish positive relations with visiting teams and hosts.
    • Respect the integrity and judgment of the game officials.
    • Encourage leadership, use of initiative and good judgment by teammates.
    • Recognize that the purpose of athletics is to promote the physical, moral, social and emotional well being of the individual player.
    • Remember that the athletic contest is only a game, not a matter of life or death for the athlete, coach, school, spectator or community.

    An athlete may not use alcohol, tobacco or illegal substances at any time. Disciplinary action will be taken and the school policy implemented if such instances occur.

    Hazing is a form of harassment and will not be tolerated. Students found to have committed an act of harassment will be subjected to disciplinary action. Team members are encouraged and expected to notify their coach if such behavior occurs.

    Athletes are expected to adhere to team rules and directions. Inappropriate behavior may interfere with a coach’s ability to conduct games/ practices and puts the team’s objectives at risk.

    Students are expected to abide by the team attendance rules established by the coach.

    Coaches will clearly inform students of their policy so athletes are fully aware of the coach’s expectations. Students are expected to attend every practice and competition.

    Spectators are welcomed and encouraged to attend. Parents, family, friends, students and community members are an important aspect of the FHS athletic program and enhance the involvement of the athletes. All spectators are expected to conform to the accepted standard and practices of sportsmanship. Lack of sportsmanship, especially from spectators, leads to negative school impressions and will distract athletes.

    Please follow these guidelines:

    • Respect officials, visiting coaches, visiting players, and visiting spectators. Treat all visitors as guests to our school and community.
    • Booing, whistling, stamping of feet, disrespectful remarks and obscene gestures must be avoided at all times. Positive remarks are encouraged.
    • Refrain from all derogatory comments toward any player, coach, official or spectator

    The athletic coach will be responsible for determining the nature of any offense of this Code of Conduct and assign the disciplinary action.

    The student athlete and his/her parent/guardian will be given the opportunity to discuss the charges and disciplinary action with the coach, athletic director or school administrator, if requested.