The Fredonia Central School District is committed to providing a healthy environment that assists students to perform at their highest possible levels. Critical to this healthy environment is the District's insistence on promoting general wellness through nutrition and physical activity.

        1. The District shall abide by the current food and nutrition standards set forth in Administrative Regulations which will apply to all the food available to students through sales on campus. The District also discourages the purchase of foods off campus for consumption on campus that do not meet these same standards. The national and state nutritional standards are those set out in the USDA Nutrition Standards in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs and/or the New York State School Nutrition Association's Choose Sensibly guidelines.
        2. The District recognizes its food service program as the primary provider of nutritional foods. Additionally, the District recognizes that the food service program must be financiallysustainable. The provision of nutritional foods and financial sustainability are not mutuallyexclusive. In order to assure both, however, the food service program shall have primary responsibility for the provision of foods offered for sale on campus. Such responsibility shall include, but not be limited to:
          1. The use of a consultant dietitian and/or nutritionist when necessary to ensure that foods offered for sale on campus meet all national and state nutritional standards;
          2. Preclusion of food sales on campus that compete with food service program sales either by food item; price and or time of sales
        3. The District recognizes its obligation to provide students with opportunities for physical activity beginning with pre-kindergarten students. Physical Education classes are provided to students in grades Kindergarten through 12. Students in grades 7 through 12 are encouraged to participate in our interscholastic sports program. Both programs, as well as any intramural sports program that may be developed for any grades, will strive to help students develop lifelong habits of physical activity.
        4. To further promote a healthy environment for students and promote students' involvement in personal health and wellness and help develop an understanding of and appreciation for nutritional foods and exercise, the District will support initiatives such as the following:
          1. Implement student programs, including creative use of recess periods for elementary students, to provide multiple opportunities for daily physical activity;
          2. A Local Foods Initiative to include:
            1. A District Garden Program to educate students about planting, cultivating, harvesting, and consuming foods;
            2. The food service program's purchasing of locally grown foods;
          3. Provide educational workshops and brochures to assist parents in planning nutritional meals and age-appropriate physical activities for their children; and
        5. The District shall have a health and wellness committee to advise the Superintendent (or designee) regarding policy compliance and semi-annually report on the District's program and initiatives to the Board of Education.

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