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Internet Safety at FMS

Please know that FMS students are taught about Internet and personal safety in several classes.  Physical Education, Health and Computer classes all contain curriculum designed to make students aware of the dangers that may confront children when they are alone or at play in public or when they are on-line.

In spite of this instruction, students in middle school will sometimes make poor choices when out and about or when using Internet social web sites and other elctronic devices.  Please talk to your children about Internet and personal safety and monitor the people and places that they visit on their computers and in person.

All FMS students do have access to the Internet through the computers here at school.  Please know that school computers are filtered and constantly monitored.  Rest assured that Internet social web sites are blocked and an elaborate Internet filter prevents the access of any potential harmful sites by students.

If you are uncomfortable with having your child use the internet here at school for any reason, please contact the Fredonia Middle School Office.