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Libraries in the Middle School

The Fredonia High School Library serves students in grades 7 and 8, and the Intermediate Library serves students in grades 5 and 6. The libraries are a hub of student activity with the purpose of supporting the curriculum and enriching the students’ knowledge base.  The librarian collaborates with teachers to provide the necessary materials and assistance for classroom research assignments, provides resources for recreational reading and offers opportunities for students to use district-wide technology and electronic resources.  Students visit the library through planned teacher/librarian activities or on their own from study halls.

The library is open from 7:20-3:00 every day, with a librarian and a library teaching assistant available to supervise and assist students. Students may visit the library from study halls by obtaining permission from the study hall monitor. A pass may also be issued to a student by a classroom teacher throughout the day as deemed necessary. Students may visit the library to complete assignments, to read or to pursue personal informational needs. Students may use available computers for research and word processing while visiting the library. When using any technology, students must always adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy agreed to and signed by the parent and student at the beginning of the school year.

The librarian maintains two library web sites from which students and teachers may access the libraries’ OPAC, or electronic book catalog, the online databases purchased by the district and web sites selected to support classroom projects or enhance student learning and experiences. The High School Library TeacherWeb Page is linked from the Fredonia High School Home Page and the Intermediate Library TeacherWeb Page is linked from the Fredonia Middle School Home Page. Both library web pages may be accessed directly through the URL’s found below.  Visitors to the web sites may occasionally encounter password protected pages. Password protected pages allow the librarian to post usernames and passwords to individual subscription databases offered by the district, thus supporting fair use practices. Please contact the librarian should you encounter any difficulties using either of the library web sites. Contact information is listed below.

In order for the libraries to fulfill their purpose, students must help create an environment conducive to productivity.  The libraries are a place to do research, reading, studying, homework, etc.  For this to be accomplished, students need to work in a manner that allows other students to be productive as well.

Contact Information

Middle School Librarian:  Mrs. Brenda Rollins

Middle School Library Teaching Assistant: Mrs. Pat Ambrose

High School Library TeacherWeb Page

Intermediate Library TeacherWeb Page:


Phone:  716-679-1581  X 2742 or X2752