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Fredonia Elementary School

FCSD Parent Portal Avaliable

The Fredonia Parent Portal is a new resource that will provide parents and guardians with 24/7 access to their child’s academic information.  With a Parent Portal account, parents and guardians will log on at any time to view information regarding their child’s schedule, grades, and attendance.  To sign in to the portal, please visit our site at and select the Parent Portal Login link that can be found on each building’s Home Page.  Letters containing specific username and password information, along with login directions, have been mailed home to all parents and guardians. 

Please contact the Fredonia Central School District Office at (716) 679-1581, x2702 if you have any questions regarding this new system.

Global School Day of Play

Fredonia Elementary School students took part in the 1st annual Global School Day of Play on Wednesday, February 5th. The students brought in board games from home, played outside in the snow, and danced it up in the cafeteria. This day was established by educators across the world as an acknowledgement that children need to spend a part of every day engaged in play.   Read more

Math Resources for Parents

Helpful Resources for Parents   Read more

February Parent Packet

Attached please find the February Parent Packet.

Keeping Our Children Healthy - Wash Your Hands!

Mrs. Hayes reviews proper handwashing procedures with our students.   Read more

Math Sprints in Second Grade

Mrs. Goot, 2nd grade teacher, is doing a math sprint with her class. They do the math facts for one minute, check it (note all the "yes!" fist-pumps), do a little bit of exercise, and then do another math fact sheet for a minute to see if they can "beat" their score. The teachers and students are excited how the math sprints are helping them learn their math facts in a fun, efficient way.

In Our Classrooms....

In this short video clip, Ms. Aul is reviewing the learning targets before her fourth grade class starts their ELA lesson. Every lesson has a learning target, from the Common Core Learning Standards, and each student may have differentiated goals in achieving that target. In this clip, you can see the teacher reviewing the learning targets and asking the students to write their own goals for this lesson in their own words.

Our Assembly on Native Americans of NY

Our Elementary students enjoyed an assembly on Native Americans of NY on 1/13/15. Some even got to go up on stage with Dave Ruch.

Our Elementary students enjoyed an assembly on Native Americans of NY on 1/13/15. Some even got to go up on stage with Dave Ruch.

January Parent Packet

Attached please find the January Parent Packet. Happy New Year!

Standards-Based Report Cards presentation

Attached please find the Standards-Based Report Card brochure presented to parents at Open House on September 25, 2014.