School Closing Information

  • In the event school needs to be closed or canceled, the following radio/television stations will be notified immediately:

    Dunkirk - WBKX/WDOE
    Buffalo - WBEN-AM/Q102/WKSE-FM
    Buffalo - WNED-AM
    Buffalo - WEDG/WGRF/WHTT/CFLZ101
    Jamestown - SE93/WHUG/WKSN/WQFX/WJTN
    Jamestown - 106.9 KISS-FM
    Buffalo - WKBW TV 7
    Buffalo - WGRZ TV 2
    Buffalo - WIVB TV 4

    In addition, the newly implemented SchoolMessenger broadcasting system will be activated. This system automatically calls all parents of students within the district, as well as staff members, notifying them of the closing/cancellation. The SchoolMessenger system will not only be used in the case of closing/cancellations, but also whenever there is an important announcement from the District and/or Administration.